Many in Iran are concerned about severe water and air pollution. Cities like Tehran must close their schools during fall air inversions, when pollution suffocates children, the sick, and elderly. Grand predators such as the Persian cheetah that dwell in the central mountainous regions are in trouble, along with other endemic species. And the Caspian Sea, a body of water bordered by several nations, including Iran, is losing the Caspian salmon, Caspian seal, and important caviar-producing fish, due to over-fishing and pollution.

Though some environmental laws are on the books in Iran, such as clean water and clean air acts, these laws are rarely enforced. For instance, in the recent planning of a highway from Tehran to the Caspian Sea, the government ignored citizens` requests to conduct an environmental impact analysis. The government didn`t listen to the NGOs,If NGOs were educated more about the rights of citizens, laws, and the environment, they would be more likely to demand protections

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